Mystical Groove Duo – Main Lounge

Combining exceptional talents, musical and vocal ability, together with high energy, Elia and Dinna come together as the MYSTICAL GROOVE DUO. Both Elia and Dinna instantly recognized a strong musical connection and as a result of this, they decided to combine their talents and form Mystical Groove Duo.

Elia has been singing professionally since 1986 and is a very talented artist with a strong proven ability to entertain all age groups.

Singing many styles of music ranging from the 60’s to the present. Elia has been playing regularly in hotels, clubs, and private functions since he began his singing career in Bali.

Dinna’s passion for music began at an early age where she began singing for her local church choir. As she grew up she realized she wanted to pursue her passion and joined a local band in Manila as the lead singer. After gaining great popularity in the Phillipines, she continued her passion as she arrived in Australia. Here she began her solo career and became immensely popular in the Goulburn Valley region as well as in New South Wales.
Singing in hotels, clubs, and functions, just to name a few. She continued singing solo until she met Elia.