1. Once you’ve scanned the QR Code you will be taken to the ‘HOME’ screen. Click the 3 lines at the top left of the page to open the options tab.

    2. Click the second option ‘REGISTER’

    3. Fill in your personal details including a username and password of your choice and once filled out, select ‘REGISTER A USER’

    4. Head back to the options tab and select ‘LOGIN’

    5. Fill in your newly created username and password (select remember me – if you want your device to stay logged in) then click ‘LOGIN’

    1. Once you’ve registered an account you can link it with your membership. Head back to the options tab after logging in to your account and select ‘LINK MEMBERSHIP’

    2. Follow the prompts regarding Membership Number, Last Name and Mobile Number (Noting you will need your phone on you to register), then select ‘GET LINK CODE VIA SMS’. You should receive a Link code almost instantly, type that into the field below ‘RECEIVED SMS CODE’ and select ‘LINK NOW’

    3. Once you’ve linked your membership you can view your Member Reward Points via the ‘POINTS & WALLET’ button in the options tab.

    4. You can view available points in the ‘System 7000’ (which is your normal Advantage Reward Points) and ‘System 7000 Prize’ (Which is Golf Prizes).


    1. Once you’ve scanned the QR code, you will be taken to the home screen which displays available menus for your area of the club. Select Visit for whichever menu you want to order off.

    2. You will have opened up into the available menu, you can narrow down your search by filtering with the options at the top. eg. ‘Hot Drinks’. To add an item to your cart select the ‘ADD’ button on the item.

    3. Depending on which item you’ve selected it may want you to select some options. eg. Coffees = Milk Type, Sugars, etc. If no more details are needed it will go straight into your cart.

    4. Your cart can be viewed by selecting the shopping cart icon in the top right hand corner. It will also indicate how many items are in it. You can review your sections here, alternately you can select ‘CHECKOUT’ at the bottom to go straight to the checkout section.

    5. If you selected the cart this is what your cart will display as, you can remove items from here should you have changed your mind before proceeding to the checkout by clicking ‘CHECKOUT’ bottom right.

    6. At the checkout you will have to

    (1) Select your table

    (2) Check your details (If you registered – most of this will already be filled out)

    (3) Select your Payment Option. You can pay by points here. Alternately, you can pay via Visa/Mastercard/Google Pay/Apple Pay

    7. Once you’ve filled in all the steps select continue and it will take you to the payment window. Fill in your Card details or follow the phone prompts for Google Pay and Apple Pay.

    8. Congratulations! Your Order is with the Kitchen or at the Coffee Machine! Sit back, relax, and your order will be with you shortly!

    Bullanginya Dreaming offers a captivating lunar light journey that intertwines Bangerang Indigenous wisdom with light, water, and fire, strengthening community ties to Indigenous heritage!

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