The most recent changes to Outdoor Dining restrictions in NSW have allowed us to extend our capacities for the Nineteen81 Deck Area and the new Golfers Deck, opening Friday 23rd of October. All Area Restrictions can be found below:

Notice of Annual General Meeting – 13/08/2020

You are hereby notified that the Annual General Meeting of the Barooga Sports Club Limited will be held at the Club on Wednesday 28th October, 2020 at 7.30pm


Nominations open on Monday 17th of August, 2020 and close on Tuesday 1st September, 2020 at 10am.

Nominations packs are available from Reception and are to be returned to reception.

A pre-nomination pack is also available from reception.

If an electronic ballot is required voting information will be sent by either email or sms out to eligible members by the 8th October, 2020. Voting will open on the 14th of October, 2020 and will close on Wednesday 28th of October, 2020 at 10am. Members will be able to vote either by using their own personal computer or by using a designated computer at the Club’s premises.

Currently sitting Directors J. O’Dwyer, D.Nolan and B. Mustica retire as a result of the Triennial Rule.

Directors J. O’Dwyer, D. Nolan and B. Mustica on being eligible, offer themselves for re-election.


Notice of Motions to be proposed as resolutions must be in the hands of the Chief Operating Officer no later than Thursday 1st October, 2020 at 10am.

By order of the Board

Returning Officer

Independent Voting Services

So NSW Residents, here is an offer you cannot refuse. While COVID is keeping our Victorians AWAY, we need New South Welshman to come and PLAY. Our venue is immaculate, our food is amazing and the staff are BORED (I mean unbelievable)

From Friday 24th July, 20% off all Food and Beverage, all day, every day until the Accountant says enough is enough.

Come and join us immediately before Management change their mind!!

And don’t despair Victorians, we love you and miss you and we will have some outrageous welcome back specials for you also, when Gladys says it’s ok to hop, skip and jump across the river 😊


July 22nd 2020

Dear Members,

As of midnight last night, the NSW Government significantly increased restrictions on cross border travel within our NSW-VIC border zone. The impact of this means that 80% of our local members are not able to enjoy any of our facilities.

While these conditions makes our operations extremely challenging, it is our aim to remain open for the use and enjoyment of our NSW residents, while it is safe and responsible to do so. I continue to be humbled by our staff, who remain upbeat and engaged despite the raft of changes and complications. We believe it is also vitally important to keep our team engaged and motivated. To those who are able to visit, our team would dearly love to see you right now.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all our members who have continued to support us since our reopening on the 12th of June. We appreciate your ongoing understanding as our environment constantly adapts and evolves. We look forward to welcoming back our Victorian Members and Visitors, when the authorities say it is safe to do so and in the meantime, we will monitor the situation and communicate any updates via our website, email and social pages.

Bobby Brooks CEO


In order to operate safely and within all guidelines and recommendations linked to COVID-19 requirements, the facility will open in the following stages:

Stage 1

On Monday, 13th July we will open the gymnasium only. On Wednesday 15th July, the pool will open for lap swimming and injury rehabilitation by booking only.

A maximum of two people at any one time will be allowed in the reception area. We ask that is you see two people already in reception that you line up with approriate social-distancing out the front.

Below are the maximum capacities of each space:

  • Gymnasium 25 People
  • Court (including functional equipment) 15 People
  • Upstairs area (Primarily Circuit Room) 18 People
  • Swimming Pool – 3 People per lane

Please be mindful of the space  limits and what are traditionally busier times and if possible adjust your visiting times outside of these.

Bookings for lap swimming will be available from opening on Monday 13th July.

Operating hours will be normal.

Future Stages

Once we develop a better understanding of our capabilities and loads and any COVID changes we will begin to bring other activities online such as group fitness classes (including aqua), recreational and leisure swimming (including families), swimming clubs and squads and learn to swim classes. We will continue to communicate advances in planning and implementation as this occurs.

Covid Safe Operations

As part of our Covid Safe Commitment we will be asking all visitors to sign off on the following Covid Safe Commitment.

Our covid safe commitments are as follows:

  • Limiting the number of people in reception to two at any one time
  • All members and guests are to sign in (members please ensure that you have your membership tag with you)
  • Extra hand sanitising stations will be located throughout the centre
  • Extra equipment sanitising
  • Extra staff on to ensure centre is cleaned regularly
  • Nightly deep cleans
  • Physical distancing and number limiting for each space
  • Booking system for classes and lap swimming
  • Card payments preferable

From our members and guests:

  • Please stay home if unwell
  • Adhere to physical distancing (1.5m) – This includes using equipment close together. Please be mindful if someone is using the equipment next to the piece you wish to use and please wait
  • Use of a towel at all times. This is important and compulsory. Please ensure you do not forget your towel.
  • Wash hands regularly and use of sanitiser provided
  • Clean equipment before and after use
  • Keep an eye on numbers and if too many people are in the area take it upon yourself and please do not enter
  • To keep congestion down and adhere to physical distancing if at all possible please shower at home.

Before being able to utilise the facilities, you will be required to either print and sign the following commitment below or sign the electronic copy


Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Sporties President Gary Hunt today announced that following a huge show of support by the broader community and the Moira and Berrigan Shire Council’s Sporties Health and Fitness is set to re-open.

“This is fantastic news” Said Mr Hunt. “The level of community activation over the last few weeks did not surprise us at all. We would actually have been really surprised and disappointed had that not occurred. It was never a case of us not knowing or understanding the value of Sporties Health and Fitness to our community. Through our members, we have provided these facilities and programs for 30 years and the stories that have been so prominent in social media, shared online and through letters and Emails are ones we hear regularly. We know Sporties Health and Fitness changes peoples lives and its something that makes us very proud”

It was in this context that the decision to close the facility indefinitely was not made lightly. It was in fact one of the hardest decisions, if not the hardest decision that this Board has ever had to make.

The harsh realities of our current operating environment however really took a lot of our choices away.

The Sporties Group exists to make our region a better place to live. We invest heavily in our community, by more than $1m every year by providing funding to others and providing facilities and services such as Sporties Health and Fitness, the Cobram Barooga Golf Club, Barooga Bowls, and Barooga Sports Club. Many of these rely on significant operational subsidy each year. With the coronavirus having a devastating and immediate impact on the overall operations and still there being high levels of uncertainty about its future impacts, it was simply not possible for us to continue this support at previous levels.

This did not mean however that we lost hope or that we did not keep working to find a solution or way forward to get Sporties Health and Fitness re-opened.

The resolution by Moira Shire Council passed at last night’s Council meeting to provide $50,000 funding support for the next two years, matching the $50,000 that Berrigan Shire resolved to provide last week provides a solid foundation on which we can build to work through this current very difficult period and focus on a long term sustainable operational model for Sporties Health and Fitness. The Sporties Group will also contribute $50,000 each year.

This show of support by the Moira and Berrigan Shire Council’s is welcomed and appreciated. This is a genuine partnership approach to providing access to facilities and programs that make a real difference and contribute in such a positive way to the liveability of our area. It is a recognition of the importance of Sporties Health and Fitness and the efforts and work of all the staff that give their best every day.

I would like to acknowledge our staff who have been through a really difficult rollercoaster ride over the last 12 weeks. As we have stated previously, Sporties Health and Fitness is well used, people value the level of service and it is ran very efficiently from a financial perspective. Its not just us saying this. We base this view on recognised industry benchmarking and the feedback from users, much of which many people have seen and shared.

We would also like to acknowledge everyone who came forward to share their stories, voice their concerns and their support and in particular the Save the Barooga Pool movement and the small team that coordinated that group and were able to clearly articulate just what Sporties Health and Fitness means to so many.

We are not naïve to the terrific challenge that lays ahead. Through the investment by the Berrigan and Moira Shires along with our contribution we now have 2 years to work on long term sustainability. We are encouraged by the engagement and ground swell of community support and know we need that sustained both by way of being involved and using the centre, not just now, but for the long term.

From here our immediate goal is to focus on re-opening as early as practicable and in a way that meets all covid-19 related obligations and requirements. We will provide further updates as we understand what that looks like and the associated time frames.



10th June 2020

We are VERY excited to be reopening our venue on Friday 12th June and look forward to welcoming everyone back, however, please be mindful that we are required to follow government regulations regarding Covid-19. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all members, guests & staff, we need to adhere to strict guidelines:


  • The Doors will open at 10am
  • If you have any Flu-like symptoms, please do not enter the club
  • You must use sanitiser upon entry and we encourage you to re-apply sanitiser at stations throughout the club
  • We support and encourage the subscription to the COVIDSAFE APP
  • Before entering, all patrons will need to register their contact details at the point of entry. These details will be made available for contact tracing purposes should a case of COVID-19 be reported
  • RESERVATIONS ARE ESSENTIAL. Book through reception or online at the link below:


CAFÉ KITCHEN10AM – 9PMOrder at Cafe
BISTRO LUNCH11AM – 4PMTable Service
BISTRO DINING5PM – 8.30PMTable Service
NINETEEN8110AM – 9PMTable Service
CBGC A LA CARTE5PM – 8.30PMTubby’s Lounge – Table Service


NINETEEN8110AM – 10PMMonday to Thursday
10AM – 12AMFriday
10AM – 1AMSaturday
10AM – 11PMSunday
MAIN BAR10AM – 10PMMonday to Thursday
10AM – 12AMFriday
10AM – 1AMSaturday
10AM – 11PMSunday


  • Table Service
  • Outdoor Poker Machine
  • New Bistro Menu
  • CBGC Menu still available (in Tubby’s Lounge)
  • Longer Trading Hours in Nineteen 81
  • Golfers Lounge, ProShop and Outdoor Area OPENING JULY
  • To coincide with the introduction of Golf to Sporties in July, Sporties will open from 7am including a full breakfast menu


  • If you have any Flu-like symptoms, please do not enter the club
  • No Buffets or Carvery
  • Strict Venue Capacity Limits apply so bookings are essential for Dining. Make your reservation online (attach link)
  • You are required to remain at your table. You can access bar and bathroom
  • You may attend for a casual drink without ordering a meal but please be mindful not to congregate at the Bar and no more than groups of 10 at one table
  • Salt & pepper dispensers are available on request
  • Cutlery is only placed on tables when seated by our staff
  • Practice social distancing at all times
  • Children must remain seated with guardians
  • Do not move furniture
  • Please aim to keep at least 1.5 metres away from others and avoid physical greetings such as handshaking, hugs and kisses
  • Please adhere to Social Distancing Signage and Markers
  • Patrons are required to use tap and go payment facilities instead of cash where possible
  • Hand sanitiser stations are located around the Club to be used by staff and guests
  • All tables and chairs are thoroughly and regularly cleaned & sanitised
  • Our Courtesy Buses will be operating, however, please adhere to our driver’s instructions with regard to strict social distancing

These small proactive measures keep our entire community safe

We very much appreciate your cooperation

Bobby Brooks CEO


5th June 2020

First and foremost, thank you for the huge show of support. It has been humbling to see the stories and messages from people about the impact SHF has had on their lives, stories we have seen time and time again over the last 30 years. Tough decisions are never easy and the reality that Sporties could no longer afford the community contribution to maintain SHF, is without question, the most difficult the Board has made in the 40-year history of the Club

Notwithstanding our announcement on 26th May, we have continued discussions with several interested parties in hope that we could still possibly find a solution to sustainably reopen the gym and indoor pool. Included in these discussions are both Berrigan and Moira Shires, who both genuinely understand and sympathise with our situation. Both shires have been supportive and continue to work with us

The annual shortfall in revenue is only part of the problem, the facility will require many hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrades over the next 5 years if it is to continue. Sporties cannot sustain this alone but again, it is an integral part of these conversations

We anticipate that working through these discussions will likely still take a number of weeks. We do not want to provide false hope, but we continue to work hard to find a suitable solution and way for this amazing facility to remain very much a part of our community and your lives.

We will provide an update as soon as we have any further developments

Bobby Brooks CEO


26th May 2020

Dear Members,


It is with a great deal of regret and sadness that our Board have determined that Sporties Health and Fitness will remain closed indefinitely.

While there is no doubt COVID19 has brought forward this difficult decision, ongoing changes and increasing costs have meant the service was always going to be very challenging to provide into the future.

Each year we subsidise the facilities operations to the tune of around $150,000. With continual increasing operating costs and the building nearing 30 years of age with several major renovations required, it has become unsustainable for Sporties as a community not for profit to continue to fund.

Prior to this decision, we have been investigating ways to continue to keep the facility open, so far none of these have progressed, however, we will continue to explore these opportunities or partnerships in the coming months.

We are very proud to have firstly been able to build and then provide a facility like Sporties Health and Fitness for our local community. It is very unique and there are not many places with a population the size of our community that have had access to indoor heated swimming facilities, the first-class gymnasium, court and group fitness areas. Since opening, the dedicated team have taught thousands of local children to swim and have been a part of life changing programs for so many people.

We would like to acknowledge the excellent efforts of the entire team headed up by Jo and Sandy. This decision in no way reflects on their performance, in fact quite the opposite. Their efforts and first-class service have allowed us to keep going as long as we have. We know that they have operated Sporties Health and Fitness at around half the cost that comparable sized facilities run at.

Our Admin team will be in touch in coming weeks with those members who have term memberships regarding refunds from the date of closure.

Finally, on behalf of the Board, I would like to thank you for your valued membership and support. Many of our health and fitness members have been with us for most of the last 29 years, which only served to make this decision so much harder.

Kind Regards

Bobby Brooks CEO


22nd May 2020

Greetings!! It has been great to see so many golfers enjoying the course and warm Autumn weather. Our outdoor team has not had a break and it shows on the course!

COVID19 has been an absolute shock to the world and nothing will perhaps ever be as it was. It has created an enormous amount of stress, anxiety and uncertainty for individuals, businesses and countries. We have all been forced to change and adapt very quickly to our new environments.

This is also true for Sporties Group. Management has used the last 7 weeks to focus 100% on a review of our entire operations to make sure that when we return to work, every part of our business will be operating as effectively and efficiently as we possibly can. All operations will return as lean as possible to ensure the sustainability of our long-term future. As a result, several important decisions have been approved by the Board, many of which have a direct impact on Golf and the CBGC Venue.



The Board has resolved that Food and Beverage will not resume at this venue, notwithstanding any lifting of Government restrictions. Patrons will be allowed to return to hospitality venues on a very restricted capacity with a whole range of distancing, hygiene and service requirements. On this basis, it is certainly not sustainable to entertain two venues. We will be concentrating only on reopening the Sporties for Food and Beverage Service. The CBGC Bistro will remain closed indefinitely for Food, Beverage, Gaming and TAB.


With the indefinite closure of hospitality at CBGC, it has
also been resolved to relocate the ProShop to the Sporties Venue to engage fully with golfers.

  • The Pro Shop will be located in the Outdoor Terrace area which faces West looking at the current 3rd Green.
  • The TAB Lounge adjacent to the Terrace is designated as a Golfers Lounge.
  • Directly outside these areas will be a 30 x 5 metre timber deck. These areas will be refurbished, and deck built over coming weeks.
  • The current TAB will be relocated at a date still to be determined and this area subsequently reclaimed as additional Golfers Lounge
  • Cart Parking will be available on course near the new ProShop before and after playing
  • Golf Buggies can make their way from the Sporties Carpark through Nineteen 81 and directly to the ProShop
  • We will make provision for Club and Buggy Storage, close to the carpark

Sporties Map

Course Changes

  • The Old Course will be renumbered so that the old nine effectively starts and finishes at Sporties.
  • The current 4th Tee becoming the 1st and the 3rd becoming the 18th.
  • The new 18th will receive a new Green which will be located on the rise adjacent to Nineteen 81. This will be built over the Winter and a temporary solution will be arranged
  • The West Course remains unchanged
  • New cart path will be built within the new ProShop precinct and a review of other paths is ongoing
  • A Change Room will be provided within the ProShop
  • Practice Nets will be erected, the exact location is still to be determined

Click here to view course changes


  • All Hire Carts will be relocated to the area next to the Sporties immediately adjacent to the new ProShop
  • Members Cart Shed – It is proposed to build new individual sheds north of Sporties Carpark near the Recreation Reserve Cricket Nets. Quotes and timeframes are still being negotiated. More information to follow and Expressions of Interest can be lodged with the Proshop
  • The Course staff and equipment will be relocated into the vacated Cart Storage Shed (post 30 June)
  • The existing Course Shed will be demolished


  • Nineteen 81 will be open daily and extended hours in the warmer months
  • Honour Boards & Trophies – The Club Committee can utilise the Golfers Lounge area to have these on display
  • The Golfers Lounge, existing TAB and of course, Gaming Lounge will remain Restricted Areas but we have made application to designate the remainder of the club unrestricted for children

Accommodation and Functions

  • Accommodation will reopen on 1st June. Breakfast will be room service only (prepared from function kitchen) initially subject to restrictions being eased
  • Functions will still be conducted as normal in the Fairway 1 & 2 and Ante Room, subject to the capacity restrictions
  • Reception will be staffed for accommodation and functions


Kids Room

The outdoor play centre has been dismantled and removed. It was non-compliant. The Kids Room will be relocated to the other side of the Bistro and reside in the area that was the old Bullanginya Bar. The outdoor playground will not be replaced.

The existing Kids Room and Family Dining area will become additional dining area.


The Café and Hot Breakfast will be available from 7am.

Dinner Menu’s will be revised and expanded to reflect the current CBGC offering.

All our cakes will remain prepared onsite.

Outdoor Poker Machine Area

Will be receiving a renovation to enclose the space with a suspended ceiling and new heating and cooling

New Carpet

All of the old carpet in the Sporties will be replaced before the end of June


There is obviously a sense of disappointment not reopening all our venues and services. For 11 years, it has been an ongoing challenge to get enough patronage to sustain two large hospitality venues and on the back of this crisis, the risk is simply too great. Failure to take significant steps now could put the entire organisation and our role in the community at stake.

Change is always difficult and confronting. That said, we are also excited about the new offering and quietly confident that we can produce something that will appeal to all.

Your ongoing support is more critical than ever and moreover; we ask that you embrace and encourage others to ensure that this is not all in vain. Board and Management are relentlessly focussed on the long-term sustainability of the Sporties Group, including the CBGC Brand.

Our expectation is that these changes will be implemented during July and you should take advantage of Michael’s massive relocation sale which will commence shortly.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to the course and venue, when we get the green light to reopen.

Stay Safe and Kind Regards
Bobby Brooks



After being open for business 364 days of the year for nearly 39 years, it is surreal and eerie to walk through the dark and empty space of our venues. Feelings are a mixture of confusion, anxiety and disbelief that our home away from home is not open as usual.

We would like to send a big warm thankyou to all our members and guests who have supported us over many years. We also send heart felt gratitude and best wishes to our 150 staff who are the most impacted by this shutdown.

We do not know when our next chapter will begin but hopefully the stricter guidelines that have been imposed will be enough to get on top of this pandemic and our reopening will be something to really celebrate.

Stay safe and keep a close eye on the vulnerable in our community. We will get through this!

Keep an eye on our Facebook Pages and the Notice Page of the Sporties website for further updates.


A new $1.6m golf themed attraction proposed by the Cobram Barooga Golf Club will bring the latest in theme park styled technology and games providing a great new activity for locals as well as a genuine tourism attraction that will generate around $3m in economic activity annually and up to 17 jobs for the region.

Barooga Sporties CEO Bobby Brooks said “we are thrilled to announce this new development for the group and excited about what this will mean for our whole region. Not only will it keep Cobram Barooga amongst the best golf courses and facilities in Australia, but it will provide a genuine tourist attraction to bring more people to the region and keep them here longer. While based around golf, one of the regions tourism strengths, it will target non-golfers and key regional tourism markets such as those on holidays and visiting friends and relatives.

The recent explosion of entertainment range facilities internationally proves that the market for entertainment golf not only exists but is rapidly growing. In North America range-based entertainment is the fastest growing golf-based activity increasing from around 12 million participants in 2016 to over 20 million participants last year and 11% annual growth.

“Players of any skill level and even non-golfers see these facilities as the perfect place to experience relaxed competition while enjoying food, drink, and multiple gaming options. It’s like ten pin bowling for golf” said Mr Brooks.

The golf sector is a critical part of the overall Murray visitor economy and is a significant contributor to both overall visitation and employment across the region. By creating a ‘hero’ experience the Range will increase visitation, attract new audiences, increase length of stay and yield and generate further employment.

Destination Riverina Murray General Manager Richie Robinson said that “Destination Riverina Murray are strongly supportive of the project as it aligns with the objectives of the regions Destination Management Plan which identifies the need for further investment in supporting golf infrastructure. Technology based driving ranges are proven to appeal to a diverse range of people and therefore potential new visitors”

“The Cobram Barooga Golf Club has 669 current members and over 45,000 golf rounds a year and really is one of the strongest regional sporting clubs from a participation perspective. Currently though, less than 30 of our members are under 25 and over 75% are over 55 and while we are thrilled that this provides a really important health promotion activity for those over 55, we really see a great opportunity to provide something relevant and exciting for our regions young people and are confident this will address that” said Mr Brooks.

Golf Australia CEO Stephen Pitt commended the Cobram Barooga Golf Club in recognising that to ensure long-term sustainability, the provision of golf services must evolve and grow. “For a long time, golf has been widely recognised as a regional tourism strength in the Murray Region, the ability to stay and play several highly maintained championship courses is a key driver of this and to remain competitive as a region it is important that the key courses maintain their facilities at an appropriate and competitive standard” said Mr Pitt.

The project is reliant on gaining funding assistance and the community not-for-profit Sporties Group is working with Local, State and Federal Government to gain support. “The Sporties Group invests over $1m a year into providing and supporting key community infrastructure and programs servicing the Berrigan and Moira Shire Council’s and every year sponsoring and funding more than 65 local clubs and community initiatives, like the Cobram Community Cinema and the Bluearth program in primary schools. Traditionally we haven’t been very good at asking for help, but we need to if we are going to be able to continue to provide these levels of support to our community” said Mr Brooks.

The Sporties Group is seeking $1.1 million from other sources alongside providing $500,000 to get the project up and running.

Cobram Barooga Business and Tourism Chair Don Rudd highlighted the importance of the Sporties group and golf to the Cobram and Barooga communities. “Without a doubt the Sporties Group is the biggest supporter of community groups, sports clubs and community infrastructure outside of the Berrigan and Moira Shire Council’s in this region and golf is a major economic driver for the area. It is imperative to the Cobram Barooga community to have a strong and vibrant Cobram Barooga Golf Club”.

“We not only fully support this project but also strongly endorse the request for external funding into the region to ensure the Golf Club remains strong and the Sporties Group can continue to provide support and facilities so critical to the economic and social fabric of Cobram Barooga” said Mr Rudd.

“We are confident that with committed funding support we could have this project complete and open within 12 months” Said Mr Brooks.

Download PDF Press Release

Notice of Annual General Meeting Barooga Golf Club

(a sub club of the Barooga Sports Club Limited)

You are hereby notified that the Golf Club Annual Meeting will be held at Cobram Barooga Golf Club Murray Room on Thursday 17th October 2019 at 5.30pm.
There will be no need for elections this year as the Golf committee members are in their second year of the two-year term.

Golf Committee members Chairman Wayne Gould, Matt Haddrell, Michael Hayler, Malcolm Dickson, Christine Crawford, Helen Hall (co-opted) Barry Gook (co-opted)

Justin Speirani
Leisure Manager

Notice of Annual General Meeting

You are hereby notified that the Annual General Meeting of the Barooga Sports Club Limited will be held at the Club on Wednesday 30th October, 2019 at 7.30pm.

Nominations open on Monday 19th of August, 2019 and close on Tuesday 3rd September, 2019 at 10am. Nominations packs are available from Reception and are to be returned to reception. A pre-nomination pack is also available from reception. If an electronic ballot is required voting information will be sent by either email or sms out to eligible members by the 4th October, 2019. Voting will close on Wednesday 30th of October, 2019 at 10am. Members will be able to vote either by using their own personal computer or by using a designated computer at the Club’s premises. Currently sitting Directors S. Brooks and N. Demaio retire as a result of the Triennial Rule. Directors S. Brooks and N. Demaio on being eligible, offer themselves for re-election.

Notice of Motions to be proposed as resolutions must be in the hands of the Chief Operating Officer no later than Wednesday 2nd October, 2019 at 10am.

By order of the Board
K. Anderson
Returning Officer

Recommendation of Life Membership

Dear Members,

Re: Recommendation of Life Membership – Brendan Ryan
Agenda Item 7 – Barooga Sports Club AGM 31st October 2018

The board of the Barooga Sports Club has voted to nominate Brendan Ryan for a life membership. Brendan has been a member of the club since 1990 and has spent the last 20 years serving as a member of the board.

Members are hereby notified of the board’s recommendation that Brendan be recognised with a life membership.
To be approved, the recommendation will require a two thirds majority of voting members present at our AGM, to be held on 31st October 2018.


Bobby Brooks
Chief Executive Officer


Long term board member and President for the past three years, Bobby Brooks has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sporties Group, Cobram Barooga.

Brooks has an extensive background in business and accounting, including running his own Cobram practice before Brooks Accountants merged with Mogg Osborne in 2016.

After deciding to leave the accounting industry after 30 years, Brooks was approached to consider a new challenge, taking on the CEO role at the club.

“I am passionate about the place and have been for a long time,” Brooks said.

“This is my tenth year on the board and my third year as President, so it was an obvious migration for me, having freed up a lot of time.

“I’ve played a big role in helping develop the strategic plan the club has now adopted, and in that we identified that there was still a shortage in management to implement that plan.

“The board approached me, knowing I was on the market, and asked if I had any interest in taking up an executive role at the club – and that’s how discussions started.”

A strong sense of community and a desire to continue a family legacy were motivating factors for Brooks to accept the role.

“As much as I’ve enjoyed the accounting industry and developed wonderful relationships with clients and staff, I still think there is some value I can bring to something else, and there’s nothing more appealing than doing something for the community that I grew up in and a group that my dad was a foundation President of, and with a brother also on the board,” he said.

Brooks takes up his new role on September 10, and is clear about the future direction of the club.

“Our challenge going forward is to keep adapting and reinventing ourselves to remain relevant to what the members and visitors want.

“We have to provide something really attractive to them, not the same old, same old. We’ve got lots of plans to investigate and some exciting developments, but our focus really is about nurturing our community and sport.

Brendan Ryan Resignation

After 20 years of service to the Barooga Sports Club, Brendan Ryan has announced his resignation from the Sporties board of directors. Brendan has chosen to take this opportunity to step down as his personal work commitments have kept him away from Barooga and hampered his ability to fully participate as an active and engaged board member.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my association since Tubby tapped me on the shoulder all those years ago. The Club has become such a big part of the community and I’m pleased to say it’s in good hands. I look forward to dropping in for a beer when I’m back in town.” – Brendan Ryan

Brendan first joined the Club’s board in 1998 and during his service he has helped guide the Club through a number of challenges, including the amalgamation of the Barooga Sports Club and Cobram Barooga Golf Club. Brendan’s resignation is effective from the 4th of September 2018.

With the resignations of Glen Brooks and Brenden Ryan in addition to the triennial resignations of two existing Board members, four vacancies have been created. The two retiring directors have renominated and we have received two new nominations. Therefore, with four nominations for four vacancies to fill, the requirement for a ballot in 2018 has been negated.

The following four members will be appointed to the Board at the AGM on the 24th of October:

Gary Hunt

Stephen Cusack

Brenden Mustica

Nick Demaio


Sporties Barooga

A real pride of the Murray River Region for locals and visitors alike drop in to our partner club, Cobram Barooga Golf Club and enjoy our big range of facilities, there’s something for everyone!

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