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We’re pleased to announce that going forward we will be going by our new name, Barooga ARC
Over the next week, you will begin to see some changes to signage at the centre as we implement a name change from Sporties Health and Fitness to Barooga Aquatic and Recreation Centre, or BARC.
This change will occur to better reflect the current partnership between the Barooga Sporties and the Berrigan and Moira Shire’s in providing this important community asset.
It is rare to find a facility like ours in a community the size of ours, and where there are, they are generally provided by Councils. In fact, we cannot think of one other example of a community Sports Club providing such a facility. It is important to note that the cost of providing an indoor 25m pool in a rural community is significant. Running costs include heating and cooling, water treatment, pool plant, cleaning, and staffing. Benchmarking undertaken by the aquatics industry has found that the average cost of providing an indoor heated pool in communities of less than 10,000 people is around $275,000 every year (not including depreciation).
Funding running costs has been made more challenging given the ongoing effects of COVID restrictions and the border closures which, of course, have not only impacted BARC but our entire community. This year we have been (and still are) operating under restricted access with 50% or less of our pre-COVID numbers in some classes and areas. This, along with the need to suspend memberships as a result of border closures, has impacted on our ability to generate the revenue required to keep this operational subsidy manageable.
Notwithstanding these difficulties, the passionate work of the ‘Save the Barooga Pool’ group and the understanding of the unique and highly valued community asset that we have in Sporties Health and Fitness led to the current partnership between the Sporties, Berrigan and Moira Shires (noting more than half our members, users and staff are from Moira Shire) to ensure it is able to stay open and available.
So as of the Monday the 19th of April, we would like to warmly welcome you to BARC!
The Sporties Group, through our members, still owns and operates the facility and continues to provide the majority of the funding required for its operation.

A real pride of the Murray River Region for locals and visitors alike drop in to our partner club, Cobram Barooga Golf Club and enjoy our big range of facilities, there’s something for everyone!

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