Proposed De-Amalgamation

As you will be aware, Barooga Sports Club Limited (Barooga) amalgamated with Berrigan Golf Club Limited (Berrigan) in 2007.

Since the amalgamation, Barooga has undertaken significant investment in the former premises of Berrigan located at Stewart Street, Berrigan (Berrigan Premises).

Despite this investment, the Berrigan Premises has been operating at a significant loss for a considerable period which is ultimately not sustainable.

As a result, the Board and management of Barooga have considered possible options regarding the future of the Berrigan Premises.

In summary, the available options for Barooga were to either:

(a) cease trading from the Berrigan Premises and close the Berrigan Premises; or

(b) explore the possibility of a de-amalgamation so that the Berrigan Premises remain open (albeit under different management) and continue to provide important facilities and amenities to the local community.

Barooga has decided to explore the possibility of a de-amalgamation and has discussed the proposed de-amalgamation with the Committee of Berrigan.

The Committee of Berrigan is in favour of the proposed de-amalgamation and the due diligence undertaken by the Committee of Berrigan indicates that the Berrigan Premises will be viable in the long term.

For more information on the de-amalgamation and notice of meetings, please see below documents.

De-amalgamation Proposal

Barooga Notice of Meeting

Berrigan Notice of Meeting

Proposed Berrigan Constitution

Stubbs Wallace – Berrigan Bowls & Golf Club

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